Gamer Girl Live Streams Herself Almost Melting Her Face Off To Hundreds Of Viewers


Playing with fire.

A video shows the moment a gamer live-streamed herself accidentally setting her hair on fire as she chatted online.

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25-year-old Anais Germe was playing League of Legends whilst chatting to other viewers as she mucked about with a lighter.

Unbeknownst to her, Germe, from France, held the flame too close to her hair and it quickly caught alight and spread flames up her head.

What is that laugh? At least she noticed just in time for the fire to not completely and utterly destroy her hair. Although she’s probably going to need a trip to a salon to sort out the portion she did mess up – imagine trying to explain that one to the hairdresser.

On the plus side, at least this video is nowhere near as embarrassing as this guy who live streamed himself wanking after forgetting to turn the webcam off.


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