GALLERY: Game Of Thrones Characters When They Were Dorky Teenagers

Game of Thrones Teenagers

The characters in Game Of Thrones weren’t always complete badasses capable of killing anyone and everyone.

Everyone in Game Of Thrones might be a complete badass and capable of killing anyone else at any moment in time for pretty much no reason, but they weren’t always this rugged and jaded. No, once they too were awkward teenagers in past life, probably with little clue as to how they would develop into the brave warriors that populate your TV screen every Sunday or Monday night depending on where you live in the world.

Check out the gallery of them on the slideshow below. Use the arrow keys to scroll left and right, and then when you’re finished check out these badass posters for every episode of Game Of Thrones or these absolutely awesome painting of Game Of Thrones characters in the 90s.

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