Game Of Thrones ‘Beautiful Death’ Posters

Beautiful Death Featured

In the run up to the new series of Game Of Thrones, HBO has teamed up with artist Robert Ball to produce a poster of a death from every episode of the show to date.

Game Of Thrones hype is pretty much through the roof now as we gear up for the fourth series, and HBO had the cool idea to team up with artist Robert Ball to promote it even more with an awesome set of posters. The poster set is known as ‘the beautiful death’ because each one depicts a death from the specific episode of Game Of Thrones. Amazingly, there’s been at least one death in every episode so far. The series so far has only released up until season 2 episode 4, so there’s still a fair bit to go until we’re up to date. We’ll bring you the finished set when it’s up though, don’t worry.

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Season 1 Episode 1

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