Game Of Thrones Actress Abuses British Airways Via Twitter After Being Denied Access To Lounge

Maisie Williams

To be fair to her she might actually have a point here.

Most of you probably know Maisie Williams as Arya Stark from Game Of Thrones. As she was flying back to the states to start filming Game Of Thrones season 5 (OMG) she had an altercation with British Airways about being denied access to the business lounge before her flight, and felt the need to tweet her dissatisfaction with their service.

Although most of the time when celebrities tweet their grievances about public services they’re normally being twats and it’s entirely their fault, this time Maisie actually questions the logic behind their decision surprisingly well, which is even more impressive when you consider that she’s only 17 years old.

She basically didn’t like that she wasn’t let into the business lounge because she was underage, but was still allowed to fly 5400 miles on her own. Kind of makes a lot of sense. It’s even ether when Virgin Atlantic tweet her back with what she terms ‘the correct answer’ in a excellent show of social media nous. Word.

You can read the full exchange below, including messages of support of her plight from Ed Sheeran and Shy FX. British Airways basically need to sort it out, because they’re consistently letting the whole country down with their crap.

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