The Game Has Been Blasted For His Tweet Following DMX’s Death

We’ve already mentioned a few times about how legendary rapper DMX passed away on Friday and most people have been sharing happy memories of the guy, but there always has to be one person who wants to be different.

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This time it was fellow rapper The Game who bizarrely decided to tweet the following ‘tribute’ to DMX which kind of made his death all about The Game and also sort of blasted all DMX’s fans at the same time. Not bad for about 15 words:

Yeah that’s quite a weird thing to tweet after someone has just died right? Needless to say his tone deaf tweet didn’t go down too well and he was loudly rinsed by most of the internet:

Savage, although I guess you can’t really blame people here because The Game’s original tweet was remarkably insensitive and stupid. When are people going to stop co-opting the death’s of others and trying to make it about them instead? Probably not any time soon by the looks of things. RIP DMX.

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