This Gambler Got A Boob Job To Win A £70,000 Bet (NSFW)

Brian Zembic

Was it worth it?

Self-confessed gambler Brian Zembic got himself a pair of fake tits in order to win a £70,000 bet with his buddy.

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But get this – he was only meant to get the 38C breast implants and keep them for a year in order to win the money, but he ended up keeping them for 18 years because he liked them so much. I mean yeah, straight men love boobies and all that but do they like them enough to have them surgically implanted onto their own chest? Pretty sure that would be an absolute nightmare.

After all those years Brian eventually decided to have the boobs removed as he was worried they might cause damage to his health. I’m sure he’s missing having such a voluptuous pair on him.

I just want to know why he kept them on for so long and how on earth did his wife or girlfriend deal with it? I mean it’s so extreme to get them done in the first place, but I can sort of understand a few scars would be totally worth it if it meant winning £70,000. But then to carry on for nearly two decades? That’s just madness.

At least the surgeon didn’t do a bad job on them – he could’ve ended up with the worst boob job of all time like this woman (NSFW).


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