A Group Of Furries Battered A Man Who Was Abusing His Girlfriend Outside Furry Convention (VIDEO)

Yes, furries.

If you were to picture a group of people performing a citizen’s arrest on someone and saving a woman from getting beaten up by her abusive boyfriend in the middle of the street, you probably wouldn’t imagine them dressed as giant pink dinosaurs or My Little Ponies.

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Well that was exactly the case outside FurCon in California this week, after a bunch of furries clocked a man ‘wailing’ on his girlfriend inside a car.

The group pounced into action, dragging the man out of the car and pummeling him until police arrived:

What a scene. And what an awesome weekend these furries must have had! Imagine saving a woman from domestic violence and then partying at FurCon 2020 for the remainder of the night:

That’s two fantasies lived out in one night for these furry heroes. They’re probably insufferable weirdos IRL but on this night at least they are absolute legends – fair play.

Here’s the guy they battered – 22-year-old Demetri Hardnett was arrested and charged with domestic violence:

Pretty embarrassing night for him all round – one second you’re beating up your girlfriend in the car, the next you’re face-down on the pavement getting the shit kicked out of you by a gang of furries. Unlucky.

For the time we interviewed a furry named Saxxon Fox for Sick Chirpse, click HERE. Enlightening stuff.

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