Someone Has Made An Organ Entirely Out Of Furbies

Furby Organ

The sounds of the devil.

Remember Furbies, those horrible yet horribly endearing beaked little robo-toys from the 90s?

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I’ve followed the circuit-bending antics of LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER – aka Sam – for a while now. He is definitely a bit of a genius, and I was watching his latest project take shape for a while – it’s an organ that’s literally made entirely out of Furbies.

With a little help from friends and a Furby-generating crowdfunder, LMNC recently completed the project. It looks, and sounds, amazing – check it out for yourself below:

This is not the first organ LMNC has built. A few months ago he showcased a flame-thrower organ on Red Bull’s YouTube channel. Who knew organs could be so cool? I thought they were only played by elderly people in churches. Imagine putting one of these in a church.

LMNC has a Patreon site if you wanted to wang him some money to keep creating. Alternatively, if you have a Furby that needs adopting Sam says he wishes to become the Furby King – I’m sure he’d love more minions.

To give your Furbies a better life send them to: PO BOX LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER, Big Life, 67 – 69 Chalton Street, London, NW1 1HY. For more of the same, check out what we can only describe as the most insane musical instrument of all time. Seriously.


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