6 Funky Songs That Were Sampled By Modern Classics

I’ve fished out six really funky originals to six great classics that I know and love in the hopes that you will now know and love them with me.

Six years from now we will enter into the new 20s, and you never know – flapper dresses and tailored suits might come into fashion again with a vengeance and we’ll all be making moonshine in our backyards and going to speakeasies. The thing is, everything that goes around comes around in this world – the only real innovation lies in science and technology, but then it gets used to evolve and work upon ideas we already have. But that’s not a bad thing. We are taught to respect our elders and remember our history so it makes sense that it should be where we turn for a clear route forward.

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In the world of music, sampling is probably at its most dominant right now. There’s a lot of shit new music coming out, and there’s a lot of great new music from the past that generations beyond it are yet to discover. So many samples – some of which should be common knowledge by now – have produced amazing modern classics that all of us (no matter how cool we wish to be perceived) know all the lyrics to… or at least will actively know how to throw shapes to.

I’ve fished out six really funky originals to six great classics that I know and love in the hopes that you will now know and love them with me.

1. Chaka Khan – Fate / Stardust – The Music Sounds Better With You


Electronic music of today owes a lot to the Disco pioneers of the past, and Chaka Khan is no exception. Firstly, she has a name that’s still more edgy than a large sum of Electronic artists out there at the moment. Secondly, her music is still inspiring great work from great artists across genres. I am constantly finding new Chaka songs which brings me much joy, as sometimes – especially in this day and age – backwards is best. Stardust was one of the first singles I ever brought with my own money (aka. a gift voucher for Tower Records courtesy of my Godmother – had to trek across London to Whiteleys to redeem it but by God it was worth it) along with Ashanti’s debut album. Listen below, it still bangs:


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