6 Funky Songs That Were Sampled By Modern Classics

I’ve fished out six really funky originals to six great classics that I know and love in the hopes that you will now know and love them with me.

4. The Flamingos – I Only Have Eyes For You / The Fugees – Zealots


There’s a fuckload of versions of this song, but it’s part of the American songbook so that explains that. The Flamingos have my favourite rendition, beating Billie Holiday and Jamie Cullum by a landslide. It’s eerie and slow and full of barbershop goodness – it’s a non-contender. The Fugees did many great things, but ‘Zealots’ is one of those great things that is recognised and remembered but for the most part gets sidechick’d by ‘Ready or Not’ and other bigger, more popular anthems. I really need to listen to this whole album again; I have fond memories of driving around with my mother whilst blasting it out and feeling wonderfully black. I need that again in my life.


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