This Full Body Nicolas Cage Catsuit Is The Only Outfit You Need This Summer

Cage Catsuit

The must-have festival accessory.

Nicolas Cage is undoubtedly an icon of our time and as such, is deserved of all the memes and jokes about him that constantly grace the internet. But we’ve perhaps gone too far as a race with this latest item.

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This is probably exactly what you would expect from a full body Nicolas Cage catsuit – it’s just a huge catsuit with pictures of his face all over it. Whilst a catsuit that exactly replicated his body might have been fun, I think this is a way dumber – and therefore more fun – idea, especially when you check out how crappy the photographs of him are. You never heard of improving the resolution bro?

Check out a couple of shots of it below:

Nicolas Cage CAtsuit 4

Magical. Not really sure where it’s practical to wear this other than your back garden – assuming you can see out of the face of course – but I suppose it would be ideal for festivals like Burning Man or something. It’s definitely a conversation starter.

For more cagey antics, check out every single Nicolas Cage laugh from every single Nicolas Cage movie. It’s a long video.


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