Fruits For Drinks Are Spearheading The Dehydrated Fruit Revolution

Fruits For Drinks are promising to revolutionise the dehydrated fruit industry with their patented freeze dry technology that means you’ll never have a crappy, out of date piece of fruit in your cocktail ever again. That shit is a real downer man.

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Thanks to Fruits For Drinks though this problem is going to be a thing of the past. The dehydrated fruits that you want in your drinks are instantly freeze dried once they’re picked off their trees to temperatures as low as -50C, locking the water deep inside them. 90% of the water is then removed whilst retaining the nutritional value of the fruit, before it is packaged in a vacuum seal bag which can survive until its needed – when it instantly rehydrates in alcohol, water or even milk. Fantastic – the future really is dehydrated fruit.


Fruits For Drinks are also highly concerned about the waste that occurs from citrus products. Due to the withering of these fruits, it’s estimated that over 50% are thrown away and never used, creating a massive waste issue. This product instantly solves this through dehydrated fruit as soon as its picked so that it can be ripened whenever you’re ready to use it. Revolutionary right?

A whole different wealth of different dehydrated fruits are available right now from their website right here. Get involved now because this product is literally going to change the world. Be there first.

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