The Friends Reunion Trailer Has Been Released And It Actually Looks Quite Good

It’s finally here.

When the Friends reunion show was announced everyone was under the impression they were actually gonna film a new series involving the characters in their 50s, but it turned out it was going to be a boring roundtable discussion sort of thing, which ruined any excitement the casual fan had for it.

Well now that the trailer has dropped it seems like it’s going to be a little more than just a roundtable discussion, and it actually might be worth checking out:

I know that the point of trailers is to make something look like it’s worth watching, and I think they got me with that Tom Selleck cameo at the end there which suggests a whole bunch of bit part characters will be showing up. Boy do they all look old as f-ck though, which makes me feel old as f-ck. The women have aged a hell of a lot better than the men though, will give them that.

Just the other week, Matthew Perry was outed by a 19-year-old he tried to chat up with some really cringey video calls. Hopefully that doesn’t come up during the Friends reunion.


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