French Serial Killer Expert Admits His Career Was Built On Lies, Confesses He Needs Therapy



Wild story out of France today as famous author/serial killer expert Stephane Bourgoin has confessed to a multitude of lies about his personal life and career and confessed that he needs to go to therapy.

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Bourgoin sold millions of books in France based on his ‘expert’ knowledge of serial killers and was widely considered one of the foremost experts in the field, having also hosted several true crime documentaries.

However, he was accused by members of French online forum 4ème Oeil Corporation of falsifying details of his life and career following an investigation.

Among the lies Bourgoin built his career around – that he had a wife who was murdered in 1976 by a man who admitted to dozens of murders following his arrest two years later, that he met Charles Manson, and that he trained with the FBI at their headquarters in Quantico, Virginia.

According to The Guardian, the 67-year-old has now confessed to French media that his wife never even existed, let alone was murdered. Yikes!

He also admitted to never meeting infamous American serial killer Charles Manson, that he did not train with the FBI, and that he hasn’t met as many serial killers as he had led people to believe.

Oh, also that he was never a professional footballer. Bit of a weird lie to add to the mix?

Bourgoin told Paris Match:

My lies have weighed me down. I have arrived at the balance sheet time.

I completely admit my faults. I am ashamed to have lied, to have concealed things.

It was bulls**t that I took on. I didn’t want people to know the real identity of someone who was not my partner, but someone who I had met five or six times in Daytona Beach, and who I liked.

Indeed, Bourgoin modeled his imaginary wife on a young woman, Susan Bickrest, whom he met in a Florida bar and was tragically murdered in 1975 by serial killer Gerald Stano, who later admitted to killing 41 women. So Bourgoin basically took that story and loosely based the murder of his imaginary wife around it.

Bourgoin also told paper Le Figaro:

All these lies are absolutely ridiculous, because if we objectively take stock of my work, I think it was enough in itself.

I am profoundly and sincerely sorry. I am ashamed of what I did, it’s absolutely ridiculous.

Well, I guess it must be a huge relief for him to finally get those lies out in the open, but not before the cheeky bugger made some serious bank off them. That’s not to say Bourgoin isn’t really a serial killer expert, but would he have been taken as seriously and built such a career for himself if people didn’t think he had so much personal experience with the criminal world?

Bourgoin describes himself as a ‘mythomaniac’ (pathological liar) and says he will seek psychological counselling. Probably a good idea.

For the Instagram influencer with 1.3 million followers who was exposed for faking a coronavirus diagnosis, click HERE. Probably also a mythomaniac.



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