Instagram Influencer With 1.3 Million Followers Exposed For Faking Coronavirus

An internet murder has taken place.

An internet murder was committed the other night after a legend named Sophie Ross did some investigating/stalking and discovered that Instagram influencer Arielle Charmas has been faking coronavirus, or at least, being completely irresponsible if she does have coronavirus.

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It really is an impressively thorough annihilation of this Arielle Charmas girl who, from the looks of things, is one of the cockiest and most gassed up people on Instagram.

Over to Sophie – be warned, it’s a meticulous takedown over a long thread:

Wowzers. Can you imagine Arielle Charmas waking up one day, jumping on Twitter and seeing this thread from a random girl named Sophie Ross just completely assassinating her character, receipts and screenshots and all? Last thing you expect is for someone out there to put all that work in to categorically prove that you chat shit. Although I guess if you’re awful enough to pretend that you have coronavirus, it’s a good job there are heroes like Sophie around to dig a little deeper.

Anyway, Arielle has since put out this apology:

Yeah I had to stop that 20 seconds in because she’s unbearable. Obviously no one should have to put up with death threats and constant abuse no matter what stupid lies they tell on social media, but it might’ve been better to just own up to the mistake instead of fake-crying on Instagram. I guess she’s the expert though.

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