Watch These French Policemen Beat Up A 21 Year Old Amazon Delivery Driver For Flouting Lockdown

Don’t break the rules.

We’re supposed to be on lockdown in this country with police given the power to disperse gatherings and fine people that are disobeying the rules, but thankfully it doesn’t sound like we’re quite far as gone as they are over in France, where police are almost enjoying beating up people that they judge to be flouting lockdown rules.

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The video below was filmed on Tuesday afternoon where a 21 year old Amazon delivery driver left his flat to deliver some packages, only to be intercepted by the cops and have the shit beaten out of him because he wasn’t carrying the right paperwork. It’s quite a brutal beating, so if you don’t want to see that during this no doubt quite fragile time of your life, then don’t click on that play button:

In this video, Sofiane, 21, is violently arrested by agents of the BAC.

Delivery man for Amazon, he had left his father’s home to go to work.

Panicked because he forgot his certificate, he turns back and starts running.

The agents start running after him and end up catching him. The rest is on the video.

Thankfully, the police action has been condemned and a local councillor has called for an official investigation into his arrest, so it seems like the whole of France isn’t subject to this kind of disgusting abuse of power. It’s scary to think that it could end up like this if it the Coronavirus crisis continues to worsen though.

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