VIDEO: French Bulldog Protests Against Bedtime, Then Passes The Fuck Out

French Bulldog

Animals can be so difficult sometimes (but also super cute), as this video demonstrates.

You never really know what is going on in the head of an animal and this can sometimes lead to hilariously cute and funny videos like this one. In it, the human is trying to get her little French Bulldog to go to sleep but the dog is throwing a huge hissy fit and barking loads and literally refusing to get into her bed.

However, as soon as the dog actually ends up in the bed it takes about 10 seconds before he’s spark out, which kind of reminds me of a really annoying human baby who refuses to go to bed, but as soon as they give in and hit the hay then they realise that the adult was right all along and they can’t wait to catch some zs. Cute.

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