Slow Motion Supercut Of Slobbering Dogs

Slobbering Dogs Supercut

However bad your day is, this combination of innocence, ridiculousness and drool will definitely cheer you up.

Here’s a guaranteed way to cheer up if you’re having a crappy day – check out this supercut of slow motion slobbering dogs. I can’t decide if it’s cute or gross but in all likelihood it’s probably a little bit of both.

The supercut was compiled by the team over at in collaboration with a photographer named Carli Davidson who had previously created a photo collection of dogs drooling and flopping around called SHAKE (which we’ll probably feature on Sick Chirpse at some point). Variable liked it so much that they hit her up and asked her if they could film a short video based on the series and you can see the results below in ‘an amazing combination of innocence and ridiculousness.’

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