French Border Guards Stage Post Brexit Security Exercise Leading To Huge Delays

Huge Delays

Huge Eurostar queues and 15 mile tailbacks at Calais.

Brexit continues to march on with no real sign of a resolution before we’re out of the EU on March 29th – with or without a deal.

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One of the main issues that’s going to affect us all after Brexit is that of travelling around the EU – assuming you want to go there – because right now we’re entitled to free movement and post Brexit we won’t be. Predictably, this is probably going to lead to long delays whenever we want to go anywhere in the EU and this was emphasised today when French security guards decided to impose post Brexit style security checks on those using the Eurostar and – for lack of a better phrase – absolute chaos ensued.

Passengers were delayed for over an hour at the Gare Du Nord in Paris and ferries were also kept waiting at Calais due to staff protesting the upcoming security changes, causing a 15 mile tailback. One trade union source said the following about it:

This is why we imposed very strict controls today.

We want management to see how incredibly difficult our job is going to become after Brexit.

We just don’t have the resources to cope adequately. The delays and queues today prove that.

Yep, looks like it’s going to be a nightmare for them as well post March 29th. I suppose if we can take anything from this clusterfuck it’s that at least France don’t seem to have been able to sort themselves through the repercussions of it either despite having a couple of years as well. Not really sure if that makes me feel that good about anything though, maybe just slightly less pathetic.

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