Watch This Brexit Supporter Say That ‘It Will Do The Country Good To Go Without Food For A While’


Brexit means Brexit.

You would have to have been living under a rock to not be up to date with the latest developments in the whole Brexit saga, as a whole bunch of big time UK food retailers sent an open letter to MPs yesterday warning that a ‘no deal’ Brexit could legitimately lead to a food shortage here in the UK.

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Whilst most smart people would be pretty worried about the biggest retailers in the country voicing their concerns about these issues, predictably a whole bunch of people who have absolutely no qualifications experience in the matter have decided to take to the streets and dismiss it as scaremongering. The best example of this is some guy who was interviewed for BBC Newsnight last night, who in the space of seven seconds said that he thought everyone was scaremongering but that it would do the country some good to go without food for a bit.

Just when you think our country cannot descend anymore into parody, something like this shows up:

Yeah I mean at least we got a bit of a joke out of him. Would love to know why he thinks that it’ll do the country good to go without food for a bit – so that all the foreigners will starve and die? So that only the strong will survives? So that anarchy can descend onto country as everyone fights over what little food remains? – but if things keep going the way they’re heading then it looks like he might get what he wishes. Hope it’s everything he’s dreaming of.

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