Fred Durst Is Going To Direct John Travolta In A New Movie About An Insane Stalker

Fred Durst John Travolta

Keep on rollin’ partner.

Most people out there probably only know Fred Durst as the red capped maniac who fronted rap metal band Limp Bizkit in the early 00s who inexplicably managed to cross over to the mainstream and score a number one hit in this country with Rollin’ – what a time that was to be alive.

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Whilst Fred isn’t exactly bothering the mainstream anymore, Limp Bizkit are still playing shows and touring every now and again for some pocket money and it turns out that he’s also set his sights on a new vocation: directing movies. Surprisingly I was unaware of this, but it turns out he’s already directed Ice Cube in a movie called The Longshots about an old football coach who trains his 11 year old niece to join the local American football team and Jesse Eisenberg in a psychodrama called The Education of Charlie Banks.

However, his latest project sounds like his most exciting so far as it’s set to star none other than the legendary John Travolta. Admittedly, Travolta’s star seems to have waned in the past few years as he’s become embroiled in weird Scientology stuff and flying planes for the Australian national team, but the movie still sounds like it’s going to be an interesting collaboration.


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The movie is called Moose and will also star Devon Sawa (from Eminem’s Stan Video and Idle Hands) as a celebrity action film hero who Travolta becomes obsessed with. As Travolta’s obsession grows, he becomes obsessed with destroying Sawa’s life rather than simply stalking him and the movie takes a darker turn.

Durst even wrote the movie himself and claims that it’s based on true events that happened to him, so that at least makes it probably worth checking out when it finally gets released. No news on when that’s going to happen, but it’s apparently definitely happening so it’s at least something to look forward to in the future. Pretty interested to see how it pans out actually.

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