FPS Russia Returns With A Gnarly Double Barrelled Shotgun

FPS Russia Shotgun

Watch him test it out on some explosive barrels and an old car.

FPS Russia hasn’t been seen firing insane guns and being a general idiot for a while but don’t worry – he didn’t die whilst he was blowing stuff up, he was just chilling out or something as he’s released a new video highlighting the DP 12 double barrelled pump shotgun.

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Check out this video where he tests it out on some paint cans, explosive barrels and an old car and see them get royally fucked up. It’s like he’s never been away:

Jeez that is one badass piece of equipment. I don’t know why FPS Russia hasn’t hooked up a quadruple barrelled shotgun like the guys from Demolition Ranch yet though. That’s another serious gun that you don’t want to mess around with.


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