Check Out This Redneck Taping Four Guns Together To Make A Quad Barrelled Shotgun

Quad Barrelled Shotgun

Power weapons.

Every day you hear about someone messing around with guns in America, you actually think that people can’t get any more stupid that what’s already happened. But you’re wrong every time.

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This might not be as dumb as the guy the other day who filled a lawnmower up with explosive liquid, shot it and blew his legs off, but it’s still pretty dangerous and dumb. The only difference is that this guy actually knows what he’s doing because he’s from the Demolition Ranch, dude.

Basically, at the demolition ranch it seems like you just spend your time dicking around with guns, and in this episode, the guy decides to tape four shotguns together to make a quad barrelled shotgun. Such a sensible idea. The video below is ten minutes (!) long and basically shows them messing around with it, not being able to fire it 100% properly or being able to pop shells out like a badass. Nice.

OK so they got there in the end I suppose (kinda), but the real story here is how much fun it looks to work on the Demolition Ranch. I mean all you do is mess around making dumb videos and shooting guns all day. Everyone who votes fro Donald Trump’s idea of heaven I imagine.

They should really learn how to reload a shotgun like an absolute badass for the next time they do this though.


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