40 Years Of Hip Hop From 100 Artists In Less Than 4 Minutes (VIDEO)

Beastie Boys

This is incredible.

Hip hop and rap is one of the world’s most loved music genres, and so it’s hard to believe that it didn’t even exist forty years ago.

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It’s true though and videos like the one below remind us of that fact. It’s a tribute to the history of hip hop that despite being only four minutes long, features over 150 different songs from over 100 different artists. Needless to say really, it’s absolute fire:

What an incredible mash up huh? All the cuts flowed together so well. That guy should probably keep doing what he’s doing because he could be the next Girl Talk or 2 Many DJs with skills like that. Absolutely phenomenal.

For more hip hop mashups, check out this emo/goth/hip hop mash up that’s one of the worst things we’ve ever heard. Not quite the same, but worth checking out for the lolz.


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