A Former Vegan Has Revealed He Ejaculated For The First Time In Months After Giving Up His Diet


Veganism puts you through hell.

Remember the other day when previously committed vegan Tim Shieff announced that he had renounced his lifestyle and been forced to resign from the vegan clothing brand that he founded? Well, the story doesn’t end there and is about to get a whole lot freakier.

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First, a bit of background on Shieff. He’s been a committed vegan and health freak for a few years now, promoting the lifestyle and diet through his YouTube for much of this. He’s also managed to win ITV’s Ninja Warrior twice during this period, and also admitted that he drank his own urine for two years straight as well. Basically, the guy is a bit of a weirdo.

So even though we knew this already, it was a bit strange for us to see him appearing on his YouTube channel stating that he managed to spunk for the first time following his diet change. Too much information dude. Here’s the video and exactly what he said underneath:

The first night after I had that salmon I had a wet dream – I hadn’t ejaculated in months. Ya know, just to be honest with everyone, that turned something on within my body.

I made the choice to go back to consuming animal products again.

There is something natural in consuming animal products.

I have had to come to terms with that and make peace with that.

I mean that’s a hell of a U turn on his stance isn’t it, but I guess when you’re not able to blow your load for months then you’ve gotta take some drastic action like eating salmon. And thank God it worked for him hey?

Sounds like Shieff is having a mid life crisis there doesn’t it? Hope he’s OK and doesn’t do anything crazy – when you hear about his reasons for quitting veganism it gets even weirder. Honestly, there’s more to come from this story, I just hope it isn’t on the bad side.


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