Founder Of Vegan Clothing Company Quits Job After Admitting Eating Eggs And Salmon



I don’t think there’s anything that gives us more pleasure than someone being exposed as a hypocrite and I think it’s even better when the people being exposed are vegans because they tend to be very self righteous and preachy about stuff at the best of times. This is one of those times.

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Three years ago, a guy named Tim Shieff who was a world champion free runner decided to found an ethical/vegan clothing company called ETHCS. I haven’t heard for he brand but I dare say it did quite well as vegans love that shit, but unfortunately Shieff has had to abandon the project this week after it turned out that he had started eating eggs and salmon again.

There’s a pretty long YouTube video below where he explains why he’s done it, but if you can’t be bothered to watch 20 minutes of it then I’ve summarised it underneath that too:

I was desperate to boost my health and visited a local farm for a 35-day water-only fast.

I saw chickens running around, completely free and this prompted me to purchase two eggs.

I then ate them raw which caused me to question everything. A few days later I bought some wild salmon and tried that.

I’ve now abandoned the vegan diet completely.

I founded the company as a very passionate vegan.

I have listened to my body and it’s guided me on another path for now and my beliefs have changed.

My friends who I built the business with are all vegan and remain vegan, so they were shocked by it.

That’s so weird. The dude has literally been a passionate vegan for several years and then just one day he’s like ‘oh there’s some chickens maybe I’ll eat some eggs’ and that’s that. Seems a completely bizarre and weird way for someone to break veg after being such a staunch advocate of it for so long, but I suppose there you go that’s it. He’s out and that’s all it takes.

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