The New ‘For Honor’ Gameplay Trailer Makes It Look Absolutely Sick

For Honor

Play as a knight, samurai or viking and beat the living crap out of everyone standing in your way.

We’re really getting treated with some of the video games that are coming out this year as in instead of the usual batch of FIFA, GTA and COD games we’ve had excellent titles like Ark: Survival Evolved and The Witcher Three drop int our laps and totally blow us away.

Next up in that sequence is For Honor (that’s how they spell it OK, it’s not a typo), a game in which you take to the battlefield as one of three iconic characters – the knight, samurai or viking – and then proceed to beat the crap out of everyone in your way in a combination of visceral melee combat and long term strategy and team play. In the first gameplay trailer to drop, the the production manager Jeff Spicer and Geoff Ellenor the Level Design director take us through the major plot and gameplay points of the game and whet our appetite for the full release. Definitely one to put on your Christmas list.

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