Footballer Misses Scoring A Goal From INCHES Away & It’s Honestly The Most Humiliating Miss Ever

How is this possible?!

This happened on the weekend over in the Belgian first division but it’s just such a baffling fail of a goal attempt that I just had to share it for anyone who hasn’t seen the clip.

Watch teenager Aster Vranckx produce an early and very strong contender for miss of the season after completely cocking up the simplest of chance in Mechele’s 1-0 loss to KV Oostende:

Unbelievable. I mean how the hell do you go from this:

To this:

To this:

To this?!

I mean how much wider do you need the goal to be? I know we’ve seen some shocking misses in front of goal over the years, even as recently as August when Raheem Sterling missed this absolute sitter against Lyon that led to Man City crashing out of the Champions League…

… but I just cannot wrap my head around how this kid Aster Vranckx missed from literal inches away. It genuinely looks like it would have been harder to miss rather than to score, but somehow he still managed it. Then again this Belgian lad is only 17 years old and Raheem Sterling is a seasoned pro playing in a Champion’s League quarter final, so maybe we should cut the former some slack.

Good news is the teenager isn’t going to let the embarrassing incident ruin his season, as he told Eleven Sports:

I think I just had to kick the ball in. I took it wrong, and then I missed it.

It’s a shame that I missed, but I’m just going to look to the next match and not let my head go crazy.

Fair play. Onwards and upwards!

For the Russian footballer who received a red card and KO’d the ref after warning him ‘give me a red card and I’ll hit you’, click HERE. He did warn him to be fair.


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