Here’s Footage From Manchester United’s Team Bus Yesterday As It Was Attacked By West Ham Fans

Jesse Lingard Footage West Ham Bus

West Ham fans living up to their stereotype on the final day at the Boleyn Ground.

Yesterday was West Ham’s last ever appearance at the Boleyn Ground – a stadium that they’ve called their home for 112 years – and their fans chose to mark the occasion by attacking Manchester United’s team bus on the way to the stadium and delaying kick off by 45 minutes. The bus had a smashed window as fans threw bottles at it and rocked it on its way to the stadium. Classy.

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You might think this whole bottle throwing incident wasn’t that nice for the Manchester United players and probably affected their mindset on the way to the match, but now that footage from on board the bus has emerged – courtesy of Jesse Lingard, who looks like he SnapChatted it – it seems like it was exactly the opposite.

In somewhat confusing scenes, the players are all ducking down in the aisle – presumably to avoid being hit by any projectiles – but they also are all laughing and joking and shouting and swearing which kinda makes it look like it’s all a joke to them. A couple of them aren’t even moving away from the windows and don’t seem bothered by all the commotion at all, simply staring at the social media feeds on their phone.

Either way, it’s hardly the kind of atmosphere which you would expect from a bus full of people being attacked by hooligans. It just kind of seems like a joke to most of them:

Yeah, I mean it hardly looks as life threatening as the news reports and media made it out to be does it? In fact it just looks like they don’t really give a fuck.

To be fair they did start off kind of shakily against West Ham so it might have affected them slightly, but they did end up getting it together to go ahead before blowing it completely, so maybe it didn’t mean anything. I think there was only ever going to be one winner in the final game at the Boleyn Ground though.

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