Here’s Some Footage Of Airline Staff Duct Taping A 13 Year Old Boy To His Seat

Too far?

There was a really funny video last week of a drunk passenger getting duct taped to his seat on a plane in America somewhere that everyone seemed to approve or and agree that he totally deserved, but now that footage of the same thing happening to a 13 year old boy has appeared people are starting to question whether it’s an acceptable tactic for dealing with unruly travellers.

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The footage comes courtesy of an American Airlines flight that was traveling from the Hawaiian island of Maui to Los Angeles. Witnesses claim that the 13 year old tried to kick out the window of the seat next to him before becoming physical with his own mother, so it sounds to me as if airline staff were fully justified in their treatment of him.

Take a look at it below and see what you think:


That does look kind of brutal doesn’t it? I guess if you watched this video on its own you might think that the flight attendants were being a bit harsh on this kid, but when you learn he was trying to kick out the window and beat up his mother and that his behaviour was so bad that the flight had to be diverted to Honolulu to eject him from it, then maybe you’ll be more sympathetic?

I’m OK with their actions as I don’t think they would have done something like this unless it was absolutely necessary. And if everyone thinks it was fine to do it to some drunk idiot then why isn’t it OK to do it to some 13 year old brat? People are too woke these days.

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