These Flying Dog Photographs Are The Best Thing You’ll See On The Internet Today

Flying Dog

Dogs look completely awesome in mid-flight.

Man’s best friend is awesome – we all know that – and they often look completely incredible in stupid photographs which is awesome too. German photographer and dog lover Julia Christe wanted to elaborate on this and capture dogs from a unique perspective and so came up with the idea of snapping them whilst they were in mid flight.

Don’t worry – the dogs were all perfectly safe and were photographed in mid air as they were dropped onto a mattress. I think you’ll agree that she got some of the sweetest dog shots in history.

Flying Dogs 2
Flying Dogs 3
Flying Dogs 4
Flying Dogs 5
Flying Dogs 6
Flying Dogs 7
Flying Dogs 8
Flying Dogs 9
Flying Dogs 10
Flying Dogs 11
Flying Dogs 12
Flying Dogs 13
Flying Dogs 14
Flying Dogs 16


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