SHAKE – The Book Of Pictures Of Dogs Caught Mid Slobber

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SHAKE is a new book from photographer Carli Davidson that features a bunch of stills of dogs shaking and slobbering.

A couple of days ago we featured this slow motion supercut of dogs slobbering on the Sick Chirpse and mentioned that it was inspired by a book called SHAKE being released shortly by photographer Carli Davidson. SHAKE pretty much follows the same format as the supercut of dogs slobbering video, except that it features still photographs of the dogs slobbering rather than videos.

I’m not sure which format I prefer as both have some excellent moments captured in them, but for the sake of the objective Sick Chirpse reader I figured it only fair that we include both forms of media on the site. Let us know which you think is better and if you’re really into it head over to Carli Davidson’s website and pre-order the book.

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