A Fly Landed On Vice President Mike Pence’s Head During The Debate And The Internet Went Crazy

Even LeBron James got involved.

I don’t think anyone over in this country has ever really paid attention to a vice presidential debate over in the United States before but this year is gonna be a bit different after a truly bizarre incident where a fly landed on vice president Mike Pence’s head during it and stayed there for two whole minutes before it buzzed off.

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Naturally the fly immediately went viral and everyone on Twitter and other forms of social media waded in with some truly funny jokes for once. Even LeBron James decided to get in on the action:

Lol. Another big part of the debate was that Mike Pence seemingly had pink eye which has previously been recognised as a symptom of Coronavirus. Wonder how he managed to get that?

As for the actual debate, I don’t think anything happened that was really that interesting and I doubt that it’s going to affect the outcome of the election. The only reason anyone will ever remember it or that it’s even been mentioned is because of that dumb fly and that’s OK with me.

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