Flume Eats Out His Girlfriend’s Ass On Stage At Burning Man 2019 (NSFW)


Eating your significant other’s butt is one of the must-try trends of 2019 and Australian music producer Flume showed he is 100% down with the cause during his set at Burning Man this week.

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As per YourEDM, Flume spotted a sign in the crowd that read “Does Flume even eat ass?”

Only one way to answer that question – he invited his girlfriend on stage and tucked right in:

Well I believe he answered their question with a little help from his lovely lady there. Flume does in fact eat ass, just in case you had any doubts.

Don’t think this post would be complete without a few photos of Flume’s girlfriend Paige Elkington. She seems like a good time indeed:

For the Sick Chirpse guide on how to bang a DJ, click HERE. You never know, it could be you getting your butt eaten out by a world famous DJ/producer next time.


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