Floyd Mayweather’s New British Stripper Girlfriend’s Family Don’t Approve Of Their Relationship

“Her dad is worried sick.”

Floyd Mayweather once had 7 girlfriends on the go, explaining that “one is too close to none”, but it looks like he has now settled for just the one lucky lady – a 29-year-old Brit by the name of Ana Monroe who works as the lead dancer at his Las Vegas strip club Girl Collection.

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Unfortunately, the news appears to have not gone down well with Ana’s family back in the UK, given 43-year-old Floyd’s history with women. The multiple allegations of assault and domestic abuse, mainly.

A ‘friend’ of Ana’s told The Sun:

No one is taking the news well.

Everyone knows Floyd Mayweather beat his other girlfriend up.

Her dad is worried sick.

Indeed, it looks like things have been moving along swiftly, with Ana being spotted with a huge diamond ring on her left hand recently and the pair apparently planning a baby. The friend continued:

Yeah when they have a child that child will be set up for life but Floyd will eventually get fed up with Anna and hurt her one way or another.

Her father tried explaining that to her but she’s so in love with him she can’t see past it, it’s almost like she’s been brainwashed.

Well, I guess that’s understandable. I mean you’d be hard pressed to find any typical, supportive parents out there who would be thrilled about the fact their daughter is a Las Vegas stripper dating a serial domestic abuser. Not to mention a serial domestic abuser who can’t even read (allegedly)!

But what if that serial domestic abuser was worth $500 million? Not to mention marrying Floyd would mean she never has to strip again (probably). Dare I say Ana’s family could share a more optimistic mind-set about all this?

Then again, if you had to bet your life savings on this marriage lasting until Floyd & Ana are old and gray or on humans colonising Mars, you’d probably have to think long and hard about it. On the other hand, who knows? This may just end up being a beautiful, long-lasting love story for the ages. Let’s just hope Ana has a strong chin/knows how to dodge a jab. All the best to the happy couple!

Floyd Mayweather has an upcoming fight against YouTuber Logan Paul in February 2021 – here’s a clip of Mike Tyson explaining why he doesn’t stand a chance.


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