Floyd Mayweather Has Finally Responded To Ronda Rousey Calling Him Out

Ronda Rousey Floyd Mayweather

It’s a typically Floyd Mayweather response.

We all remember Ronda Rousey being awarded ESPY’s fighter of the year award over Floyd Mayweather, and the comments that she made immediately after that regarding him beating up women, but it was strange that Floyd had no response for her considering he’s normally all about the trash talking.

Last night though on an interview on ESPN, Mayweather was directly asked about what he thought about Rousey’s comments. He was initially fairly respectful – although did drop in that he had won the fighter of the year award about seven times – but then turned into the asshole Mayweather we all know when he started talking about how much money he had compared to Ronda.

Will somebody put them in a ring already so that Ronda can beat the crap out of him like she did to Beth Correia in 34 seconds the other week?

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