Floyd Mayweather Just Revealed How Much Money He Has In His Bank Account

They don’t call him Money for nothing.

Following the ‘biggest fight of the millennium’ a couple of weeks ago and the astronomical amount of money that Floyd Mayweather earned off the back of it, you would expect the guy to have a whole load of cash in his bank account right now.

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And you wouldn’t be wrong, as Floyd decided to allow a puppet named Diego to interview him and reveal how much money was lying around in his bank accounts:

$200million, $300million, yeah. In different accounts.

Baller. Although to be honest given that he apparently earned more than that from the McGregor fight, I would have expected him to be rolling around in way more than that. I suppose he has a lot of stuff tied up in investments and assets like all his mansions and sports cars though, so fair enough. In fact, it’s probably kinda dumb for him just to have loads of money lying around in his accounts – you’ve gotta make your money work hard for you, there’s no point having it just sitting there, otherwise when you get a big bill for tax evasion you have to come out of retirement and take a super fight with some up and coming young punk ASAP.

If you wanna see the interview, it’s around 1:32 in the video below:

Ballin’. If you wanna know how Floyd spends all his money, he does a bunch of dumb things like spending $6500 a year on underwear that he only wears once and even more on pairs of shoes that he only wears once. Don’t really see the point of that as it takes a while to wear them in and get comfortable, but hey if you’ve got that much money why not I suppose?

Floyd also has spent around $20 million on around 100 luxury sports cars that he’s never driven. All of his cars in Miami are white, whereas all of the ones he has in Las Vegas are black. He’s got a $42.5 million private jet as well. How the 1% live.

For more Floyd Mayweather, here he is struggling to read. Guess money can’t buy you literacy big guy.


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