The Floyd Mayweather MMA Fight Has Now Been Cancelled

Floyd Tenshin

The internet was pretty surprised last week when Floyd Mayweather announced that he was going to take part in an MMA fight in Japan with some pretty unknown Japanese kickboxer and you’ll never guess how this has turned out.

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Let’s be honest, it was going to go one of two ways: either Floyd was going to heavily stack the odds in his favour by stretching the rules, or it was just never going to happen. A lengthy Instagram by Floyd yesterday confirmed that it was going to be the second:

Well, should we be surprised by this really? I guess I’m slightly puzzled by how Floyd and his marketing team – who have been so, so successful in the past – were able to be duped by some fighting federation that nobody has ever heard of and then decided to just go along with it for a few days even though the whole world thought something that was happening was going to happen and clearly wasn’t.

But hey, there’s no such thing as bad publicity and I’m sure that’s how Floyd is looking at it. And that kickboxer who nobody had ever heard of before this as well must be loving it too. Another masterclass in marketing.

For more Floyd Mayweather, here he is not being able to read. Embarrassing.


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