Floyd Mayweather Is Offering $10,000 To Whoever Can Best Caption This Conor McGregor Clip

Want to win $10,000 of Floyd Mayweather’s money? Get involved.

Money bags Floyd Mayweather has uploaded a clip of Conor McGregor’s famous defeat to Nate Diaz onto Instagram, and has generously offered $10,000 for the best caption.

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Never mind the fact that McGregor bounced back a few months later to beat Diaz (on points, we should add), Mayweather still seems keen to troll him about the original loss.

Here’s the clip mashed up with footage of Floyd pointing and laughing:


Seems like Floyd knows exactly what he’s doing here. He knows that a superfight between the two of them will bank $100million, and he knows he needs to match McGregor in the pre-fight build up/mind games department. Even if the fight doesn’t happen, he gets to call McGregor a pussy and move on. So no matter what he does, he can’t lose really.

He even threatened to slap the shit out of Conor earlier this week:

Will the fight ever actually happen? Surely for the right price it will. In the meantime, get a load of this compilation of all the shit-talking between the two thus far.


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