Floyd Mayweather Says He ‘Allowed’ Logan Paul To Go The Distance Because He Didn’t Want To Hurt Him

Of course.

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Floyd Mayweather in the aftermath of his stupid exhibition fight against Logan Paul, so it’s not surprising that he’s decided to pipe up with some claims about that boxing match. Well kind of – he’s actually got a member of his entourage to come forward and do the talking for him this time.

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There were a lot of conspiracy theories going around about the fight at the time, with some people commenting that they were surprised at how good Logan Paul actually looked in the fight and that Mayweather looked a bit scared at some points, as well as it being a bit embarrassing that he couldn’t finish him off. There were others that claimed Floyd actually knocked Logan out at one point and held him up so that the fight wouldn’t be stopped and Floyd himself also said after the fight that it was fake and he was a bank robber for stealing so much money off people who wanted to watch it.

There’s basically a lot of different opinions on it, however here’s what Floyd’s cousin and member of his boxing entourage Dejuan Blake had to say about the escapade:

Once again, it’s an exhibition, like Floyd said, he’s not a boxer, why would he want him to get hurt and not be able to go home and talk to his family.

One punch could change the game, why would he want to hurt him like that?

A lot of people said, “You should knock him out for all the sh-t he’s talking, but at the end of the day, Floyd loves the sport that he’s been involved in, but he also hates what comes with the damage that comes after the sport is over.

Floyd is closer to his 50s than he is his 20s and he was able to capitalize on that generation, that youth, that young crowd,” Blake continued.

It was a great experience, a great event. We did great numbers for a non-professional fight, it was a success.

I suppose that all makes sense and Floyd did seem like he had the upper hand for most of the match in the last few rounds, but sadly people are always going to ask the question of why he didn’t finish Logan off and allowed him to go toe to toe with him for eight rounds? Most people will probably believe Blake here, but there’s always going to be those conspiracy theorists that don’t. I guess that’s the beauty of boxing and combat sports though – everyone has an opinion and thinks they know what’s up.

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