Here’s Floyd Mayweather’s Comeback To Everyone Who Says He Can’t Read

Looks like the Internet got under Floyd Mayweather’s skin a little bit.

50 Cent, aka the worst friend ever, filmed a video this week that led to the revelation that multi-millionaire boxer Floyd Mayweather is illiterate.

Looks like the general Internet reaction (taking the piss out of him) got under Floyd’s skin a bit, because he fired off this Tweet earlier:

Boom, roasted. Floyd Mayweather may be illiterate but how does it feel that a man who can’t read made more money than you will make in your entire life just for beating someone up for 20 minutes? It should make you feel like dying, basically.

But guess what? On the bright side you have something that can’t be bought that Floyd Mayweather will never have — the ability to read. Well, I guess it can be bought if he got a private tutor or something but for now, at this very minute, you can sit down and get lost in a brilliant book, or a ridiculous Sick Chirpse blog. Floyd Mayweather can’t do that — so who’s the rich one really?

OK yeah, give me $72 million and take away my ability to read any day.


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