Florida Woman Named Crystal Methvin Busted For Doing Crystal Meth

She never stood a chance.

There are some names out there that just don’t give you a chance in your life, like if your parents decided to give you a name in 2018 like John Wayne, John Terry or Ian Watkins – it’s just a bad idea considering what those people have done because you’re always gonna get ripped and compared to them even if it’s for the good things that they did during their careers. Nobody wants to have that on their shoulders all their life.

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Most parents seem to understand that it’s a bad idea to give their children a name that’s going to severely disadvantage their lives, but there are still a bunch out of them out there that are completely and utterly clueless when it comes to this process. Take the parents of young baby Methvin, who decided to name their daughter Crystal.

Admittedly, it’s possible that 40 years ago crystal meth wasn’t a thing or maybe they were clueless to its existence, but even so you can guess how this story is going to turn out.


The cops recently received an anonymous tip off about Methvin and showed up to find her and a guy called Douglas Nickerson sitting around in a car, surrounded by drug paraphernalia and smoking meth. They were both arrested and thrown in the slammer.

Unsurprisingly , this isn’t 40 year old Methvin’s first brush with the drug. According to the St John County cop database that you can see above, this was the 15th time she’s been busted for possession. She never really stood a chance with a name like that growing up in Florida though did she? Almost feel sorry for her.

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