Florida Woman Arrested After Using Her Baby As Weapon To Batter Boyfriend

Tatyana Allen

Only in Florida.

18-year-old Tatyana Allen from Florida was arrested recently after she used her 6-month-old baby to beat her boyfriend.

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According to officials from Volusia County Beach Safety Ocean Rescue, the incident unfolded on Sunday evening just before 4.30pm along the coast in Daytona Beach, US.

Daytona Beach

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The police said they saw Tatyana and her boyfriend get into a bit of a domestic, shouting and causing a scene on the beach. As things turned violent, instead of turning her fists on her bf, she decided her baby would be a much better weapon and used the boy to batter the man.

The baby has since been taken to hospital and is expected to be OK. Tatyana, quite obviously, has been arrested and is currently being held without bond. The police haven’t released any further information, although I can’t imagine the sentencing will be too light considering she used her actual live baby as a swing bat.

I swear to god, only in Florida does shit like this go down. Where else in the world would a woman get arrested for having three way sex with her two pet dogs or a man use his wife’s head as a mop after they ran out of jam? That state is just full of wrong’uns.


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