Man Interviews Spring Breakers In Florida Who Refuse To Go Home Despite Coronavirus Outbreak

“I just don’t care, sorry”.

It’s pretty surprising how many students there are out there still on Spring Break, even though it’s also kind of understandable. At that age, you don’t really care about anything other than partying, and so it’s easy to disconnect from just how serious coronavirus is. 

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Take these guys for example:

Young and dumb? Yeah, but again I also kind of get it. That dude hasn’t been hitting the gym all year in preparation for Spring Break just so that a worldwide pandemic could show up and screw up all his plans. I mean did you see those abs? They’ve gotta be out at the beach, not quarantined at mum’s house.

The downside is that this lot are 100% all going to get coronavirus and take it back with them to their home states when Spring Break is over. Not good.

To watch drunk Spring Break girls answer whether size matters or not, click HERE. Enlightening.


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