Watch Drunk Spring Break Girls Answer Whether Size Matters Or Not

Drunk Girls Spring Break Dick Size

The immortal question, answered by those who truly know what they’re talking about.

If you’re a guy, then throughout your life you’ve probably wondered if you’re dick is big enough and if you’re doing it right when you’re having sex with a girl or whether or not they’re faking it. If you’re a girl, then you probably know your views on the subject, but if you’re a guy then you haven’t really got anything to go on other than what other girls tell you.

That’s why it’s useful when these videos come out where girls tell you all about their true feelings towards the D. It helps too if they’re all wasted and actively searching for it as well. Here’s the truth you’ve been waiting for:

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Well, that was certainly enlightening. Turns out all those girls that said size doesn’t matter were lying huh? Or these girls are all just drunk Spring Break girls trying to play up their stereotypes on camera. I’m hoping it’s the latter.

For more information on the subject, check out what a bunch of women who weren’t drunk and on Spring Break though about it.


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