Missing Malaysian Flight Wreckage Possibly Found Near Australia

Map Of Object Location

Floating objects found in the Indian ocean may belong to Flight MH370. Here’s the latest.

As the mystery of the missing Malaysian flight continues, updates from around the world are constantly flooding in and it seems we may be very close to locating remains of the plane and putting this global search to rest. Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbot, has announced that “new and credible information has come to light” after several unidentified objects were discovered 1550 miles Southwest of Perth in the Indian Ocean. However, he warns that the objects may not be associated with Flight 370, “I should tell the House, and we must keep this in mind, the task of locating these objects will be extremely difficult and it may turn out that they are not related to the search for flight MH370.” 

Though they aren’t 100% certain of the objects in question, it seems pretty likely that this could be the missing piece of the puzzle. What else could be 24m in size and randomly floating a short distance from where the plane went missing? Most are suspecting the debris could be a wing from a Boeing 747.

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Floating Object

As if this case couldn’t get any stranger, the pilots’ homes were raided, their personal computers and emails were inspected for any strange activity and cockpit conversations were also examined. They found a flight simulator belonging to one of the co-pilots which detected records had been deleted; it is being treated as suspicious. Authorities are attempting to recover the deleted files to see if this leads to any further information. The plane’s disappearance is now thought to be pre-planned by the pilots themselves. But no solid evidence has yet been found to back this up.

Four Search & Rescue planes have been deployed to identify the debris. John Young of the Australian Maritime Safety Authority claims they “are relatively indistinct on the imagery … but those who are experts indicate they are credible sightings. The indication to me is of objects that are a reasonable size and probably awash with water, moving up and down over the surface.” He adds hope to the search, It’s probably the best lead we have right now but we have to get there, find them, see them, assess them, to know whether it’s really meaningful or not.”

We’ll keep you updated.

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