Flat Earthers Are Being Mocked After SpaceX Launch Proves The Earth Isn’t Flat

It’s still kind of crazy that the Flat Earth movement is still a thing in 2020, but as we all know there are countless Facebook groups and forums dedicated to exposing the truth about how they perceive the composition of the Earth to really exist.

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You might have thought that the recent SpaceX launch to put some astronauts on the International Space Station might have hammered a hole into some of their plans as the launch was live-streamed from the rocket and literally showed the curve of the Earth and that it wasn’t round, but of course they just came up with some dumb excuses and said that they thought it was faked.

Here’s the best analysis of the situation I could find:

Thankfully, most people with brains out there instead took the Twitter to mock all of them and call them idiots alongside more videos from the launch clearly showing that the Earth was round. This is the kind of content that you want to see:

Spectacular. Really unsure how anyone can argue about the flatness of the Earth when there’s literally so much evidence against it and no real reason why anyone wants to trick you about it, but I can foresee us having to do this for a long time in the future. That’s just the way it is sadly.

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