These Pieces Of ‘Modern Art’ Consist Of Flags Made From Human Hair

Hair is really gross, so why someone would spend their time making art out of it I will never know.

If I was an artist, which I’m really not, and I was choosing a medium to work in, hair would be right at the bottom of the list. I’d probably try to be really heavy metal about it and paint in blood like that artist from NY. But whatever I chose, it certainly wouldn’t be hair. For starters hair looks minging, and I’m not that keen on the idea of touching it to be honest. The weird thing is, when hair is attached to your loved one’s head, it’s completely fine to touch and stroke it, but as soon as it’s in the plug hole you don’t want to go anywhere near it. Weird hey?

Any way, the reason I mention art with hair is because an artist called Gu Wenda, or Wenda Gu, a Shanghai-born, US-based artist has opened a show at London’s Saatchi Gallery this week. Her work is flag based, which I like, I’m a fan of flags; but each flag is made entirely of glue and human hair.

Gross hey? See what you think:

Gu Wenda Hair Flags 1

Gu Wenda Hair Flags 3

Gu Wenda Hair Flags 4

Gu Wenda Hair Flags 5

Gu Wenda Hair Flags 6

I suppose when you compare it to some of the most overpriced art of all times, it’s not that strange after all. I definitely won’t be purchasing any hairy flags for the walls of my mansion any time soon though.


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