A Five Year Old Girl Was Given Ecstasy Instead Of Sweets On Halloween


Trick or treat?

I’m not really sure why this is an issue because I can’t understand why someone would give their relatively expensive drugs to some young kids on Halloween instead of some tasty sweets, but apparently there are people out there who seem to want to do that every year these days. Bizarre.

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The latest case comes from the north of England in Shiremoor, North Tyneside where 34 year old Amy Dixon discovered a batch of ecstasy in her daughter’s trick or treat stash. Here’s what she had to say about it alongside a video:

I have always taught my kids to share, but what would have happened if they had shared these?

I could have had four little bodies in intensive care, or even in body bags. Every single possible situation has gone through my mind. It’s so lucky I found them when I did.

Luckily everyone is alright, but I would just urge all parents to check their sweets, if not somebody is going to get seriously hurt.

When they arrived home Lexi-Mai asked if she could eat her sweets straight away and ripped open her bags and the sweets went all over the floor.

I just noticed what looked like a Jiffy bag, I picked it up and I just thought “Who puts sweets in a Jiffy bag?'”

I had a closer look at them on the kitchen counter but Lexi-Mai tried to put them in her mouth.

I was screaming hysterically at her. Then my partner said; “hang on, they don’t look like sweets”.

I immediately drove to the police station and filmed the Facebook Live video to warn other parents of the potential dangers.

The police then confirmed that the drugs were indeed ecstasy.

Damn that is a pretty crazy story but I still don’t get why drug dealers or drug users are just giving away their drugs to little kids? Like it’s not funny or cost effective so what is the point? For real?

Having said that I think that Amy overreacted a bit saying she might have had four corpses in her house. Worst case scenario is that they just have a really sick time and just sweat a lot. Sounds like her partner had done a few beans in his time so he probably could have guided them through it. Probably would have bought them all closer together if anything.

For more of the same, check out another story of this going down but in America. Why is this a worldwide problem?


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