Five Guys Arrested For Fighting At Five Guys

The perfect story in the perfect location (guess where).

In what must be as close to a perfect headline/story that the internet has ever seen, five guys were arrested this week for fighting at a Five Guys restaurant in Florida.

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As reported at Thrillist, the incident went down Wednesday at a Stuart, Florida branch of the popular burger chain, and probably would have gone unnoticed if the police department hadn’t shared this photo and caption on their Facebook page:

Amazing stuff. What are the chances that five guys would get arrested for fighting at Five Guys? What are the chances it would happen in Florida? OK maybe there’s a pretty big chance it would happen in Florida but the first question still stands.

Just a shame they haven’t disclosed what started the fight. There are endless amazing possibilities to that question considering we’re talking about Florida here and none of them would surprise me. The Cajun fries are worth fist fighting over, to be fair.

For another Five Guys restaurant fight that ended with the employees ganging up to beat the crap out of a customer, click HERE. Solid teamwork.


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